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Thread Upgrades

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1 Upgrades
So its time to upgrade for me I think If make one more track with the sounds from my Motif my ears might begin to bleed. My partner and I are upgrading from our old MBox to a 002 and Im thinking of using some soft synths i.e. expand and stuff....so here is the question

Midi Daisy chains confuse the hell out of me (go figure I do pro audio for a living) anyway currently I have my motif midi in going to the out of my MPC and the midi out going to the midi in of my mpc and I dont even know if thats entirely true because somewhere in there i have a roland rack hooked up to my mpc which enables me to use my motif as a controller

How do I Hook up the midi so my motif will function the way it was with my MPC and also work as a controller for the computer through the 002 midi connections???

Thanks in advance for any help on this
J.T. 3 Play Productions