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Mackie Studio & Home Studio user reviews

  • Mackie MR5mk2

    Mackie MR5mk2 - " Cool thing to hand"


    Before things I'm not pro, just an amateur enthusiast. character: XLR, TRS and RCA (For more details see website builder) Used in stud home for the prod, arrangement and mix with a couple RME multifaceted. SOUNDS In fact the first time…

  • Mackie CFX16

    Mackie CFX16 - " Very good product"


    See feature in the manual. A topic in the forum is devoted UTILIZATION Simple use is accurate MACKIE It would be good to provide these manuals in French. It seems to me that compulsory in France ... SOUNDS Equalizers effective. Not breathing …

  • Mackie Onyx 820i

    Mackie Onyx 820i - Qill's review


    Multitrack analog 8 votes 2 mono and 3 stereo 24-bit/96kHz FireWire Three Onyx mic preamps 2 Perkins EQ with 3-band semi-parametric midrange on mono channels 2 Perkins EQ 3-band on stereo channels 1 4-band Perkins EQ on channel hybrid mono …

  • Mackie Digital X Bus X.200

    Mackie Digital X Bus X.200 - "Simply amazing and formidable"


    You can read a little bit of everything on this console. I still wanted to supplement and / or clarify certain issues. A few months before my purchase, this console was still about 30.000euros (in my version see below). I would come in more detail…

  • Mackie 402-VLZ3

    Mackie 402-VLZ3 - " Small but powerful :)"


    Very good small mixer for small home studio. I use it for my PC and MXL V67G studio mic. The advantage is that with this mackie not need a microphone with push-10db and breaking capacity low because everything is already over. I say YES and I r…

  • Mackie ProFX12

    Mackie ProFX12 - B021055's review


    outputs 9/10 and 11/12 are just a little gain. Effects and EQ a little more, but not a substitute for the real, but it helps out. UTILIZATION ultra-simple SOUNDS No breath of standard outputs, cons by a little breath on the USB part but I …

  • Mackie D8B Digital 8 Bus

    Mackie D8B Digital 8 Bus - " Good ergonomics. Good value for money in hand"


    see manual UTILIZATION Simple. Boot time a bit long. SOUNDS Ok for live or for the home studio. For the professional studio, use preamp / converters externally. OVERALL OPINION This is the digital console that has the most ergonomic analo…

  • Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro

    Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro - " Leaflet in French"


    Apparently everyone did not find the excellent instruction in French for this good food: I also has the record for the 1402-VLZ PRO without, (this is where I model), I see no differen…

  • Mackie 8 Bus Series 24/8/2

    Mackie 8 Bus Series 24/8/2 - " It's big, it's ugly, it sounds suck, straw if she stinks!"


    It's supposed to do everything, connect everything, it's quite true. This is a simple analog console, ie not recall but with a highly configurable routing UTILIZATION As everything is in front, this console is easy to use, at this level there i…

  • Mackie MR8mk2

    Mackie MR8mk2 - " Very satisfied"


    I chose these speakers after listening comparison between 5 'and 6' and 8 'in Yamaha, Mackie, KRK, Prodipe, M-Audio and even Adam and Focal ... I wanted to replace my Yam HS50M just too low and in which the sound deteriorates at high volume by a mode…