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Mackie Studio & Home Studio user reviews

  • Mackie Onyx 1640i

    Mackie Onyx 1640i - " A quality table with 16 IN / OUT Firewire for the price, unbeatable!"


    Mixer-16 analog channels with 16 starts and 16 returns Firewire to record multitrack and / or use plugins in Live, see manufacturer data. -I would say just that the preamps are excellent. We can criticize as preamp give their max gain in the las…

  • Mackie SR 24.4

    Mackie SR 24.4 - " At least we can start working!"


    Obviously in our time, he may be accused of not being powered ... but otherwise, it is reliable, and his six auxiliary lines are useful (5 returns and an effect for example), and 4-way "sub" are very useful to manage a large battery. UTILIZATION …

  • Mackie SR 24.4 VLZ

    Mackie SR 24.4 VLZ - " Very good!"


    Already seen in previous opinions. No attenuation pad which can be annoying depending on the source or the microphone used. UTILIZATION Very easy to use. All functions come to hand. Thank you to color code! Not need the manual as long as one …

  • Mackie SR 24.4 VLZ

    Mackie SR 24.4 VLZ - " Really great, this machine!"


    Yes, I think it can be rack, whatever it takes it "breathes" as it "hot" and needs a little venting! 24 channels, no effects section, no automation .. but what a pleasure to manipulate the faders and pots ..! UTILIZATION Everything is simple, c…

  • Mackie CFX12.mkII

    Mackie CFX12.mkII - " Very good restaurant!"


    Everything has been said in previous opinions! Otherwise, refer to Mackie (in french): UTILIZATION I use it for background music groups in bar / concert (voice + drums + guitars + bass + ke…

  • Mackie ProFX12

    Mackie ProFX12 - " I love"


    12 tracks including 4 stereo, built-in effects, input / output USB to connect the table to the PC: just enough. UTILIZATION On each track, it was a three-band EQ with gain control and volume effect and a button to make the track mute. The setting…

  • Mackie 402-VLZ3

    Mackie 402-VLZ3 - " Does its job"


    This mixer has 2 XLR / Jack with EQ LOW / HIGH (phantom power) 1 x stereo (two jacks) 1 RCA input The sound can come out of 1 x headphones (roughly jack) 1 RCA 2 stereo output jack (for mixer) UTILIZATION Although it takes a little…

  • Mackie MR8mk2

    Mackie MR8mk2 - " Exellent value for money + +"


    I wanted to buy these monitors to replace my pair of Samson Rubicon R8A for (pre) mixing at home, Home Studio 25M2 R 8a me breaking my head, too aggressive and not descended enough despite the 8-inch woofer .... a correction to alleviate the seri…

  • Mackie Onyx 820i

    Mackie Onyx 820i - " Excellent value for money" has images


    96000Hz UTILIZATION I just bought it .. I use it for two weeks. I bought it new and € 385 ... Firewire is the bomb at the money. Integrated sound card with ASIO excellent, the first taken his via the sound card and a Shure Beta 58a are excellent.…

  • Mackie 8 Bus Series 32/8/2

    Mackie 8 Bus Series 32/8/2 - " Surperbe Console"


    Console 32 tracks 8 assignable auxiliary groups or 6. Direct Out for each channel trs practices. Paramtriques and musical EQ. Many outputs (CONTRL Room, Studio ...) UTILIZATION Console trs complte and easy to take in hand, I have used it for one …