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Yamaha Studio & Home Studio user reviews

  • Yamaha HS50M

    Yamaha HS50M - "NOT A NS10 M" has images


    Great for the new style monitor but not an NS10M. No comparison. They are a bit more colored and a bit more unreal on the low end. They have a great rating and some great reviews but for the money why would you not get a more realistic speaker. De…

  • Yamaha HS50M

    Yamaha HS50M - "Very Good for the class"


    The Yamaha HS50M's are a (sort-of) newer version of Yamaha's very famous and sought after NS-10's. This may sound odd, why try to re-create what is arguably one of the better nearfield monitors ever made? I suppose Yamaha simply decided, "Hey, we've …

  • Yamaha MG10/2

    Yamaha MG10/2 - "great"


    The Yamaha MG series 10/ 2 is a very affordable analog mixer that can be used for a bunch of different scenarios. One of the great things about this 10 channel mixer is that it has phantom power for all of your mics that need phantom power . It has i…

  • Yamaha HS50M

    Yamaha HS50M - "best for the price range"


    These are Active Studio monitors that can be used for home or in a major studio setting. But I recommend using them at home. I have them going through my maudio interface running with my pc. For some reason any time I use these I get a clean mix. Eve…

  • Yamaha 01V

    Yamaha 01V - "Monster board"


    The Yamaha 01V is a digital mixing console that can do a lot for you right at your finger tips. Even though its no longer produced and has been replaced with the 01V96i version from Yamaha. There are still some in the used sections at music stores wh…

  • Yamaha NS-10M Studio

    Yamaha NS-10M Studio - "quality"


    The Yamaha NS10M’s are a very good investment for someone who is looking for affordable monitors for their personal studio at home. You cant really complain about anything when it comes to the NS10m’s. They have become very popular to home music make…

  • Yamaha HS80M

    Yamaha HS80M - "very clean sound"


    The Yamaha HS80M have been sitting on my workstation desk several times. I purchased these and then didn’t like them at first just because the sound didn’t “thump” enough for me. At first I was very disappointed in them especially after paying all th…

  • Yamaha MSP5

    Yamaha MSP5 - "great for mixing "


    The Yamaha MSP5 are a great set of studio monitors. They are compact and each packs a truly huge sound. Because of their small size and weight, they are easy to move and place within a room. They are extremely well built and are very sturdy - it woul…

  • Yamaha SPX90

    Yamaha SPX90 - "good price"


    The Yamaha SPX 90 is a digital multi effects unit. The effects it includes are distortion, flange, tremolo and delay. The effects can be used singularly or they can be mixed and matched together. I believe the connections are XLR and the unit is rack…

  • Yamaha HS80M

    Yamaha HS80M - moosers's review


    The Yamaha HS80M's a set of recording studio monitors. Don't be fooled by the look, as these are no NS-10m's, and although they are modeled to look like them they don't have the same kind of sound at all. These are much more precise and full freque…