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Yamaha Studio & Home Studio user reviews

  • Yamaha HS10W

    Yamaha HS10W - " Very well for home studio applications"


    home studio utilization SOUNDS It's comfortable and precise OVERALL OPINION However I believe that after years of using it, it is difficult to place the switch in a worst position. Except to put it under the speaker. And even this may not be w…

  • Yamaha SPX90

    Yamaha SPX90 - "Always indispensable!"


    One input jack, two output jacks, you choose the operating level (+4 or -20 dB), 16-bit linear conversion, 31.25 kHz sampling frequency, which results in a frequency range of 20 to 12 kHz, maximum. The effects can't be edited via PC, but those intere…

  • Yamaha MG166CX

    Yamaha MG166CX - moosers's review


    The Yamaha MG166CX is a 16 channel analog mixer that's compatible with your DAW via a USB connection. In fact, it comes with Cubase AI4 software if you don't already have your own. However, I've really only used the MG166CX as an analog mixer outsi…

  • Yamaha EM200

    Yamaha EM200 - moosers's review


    The Yamaha EM200 is an eight channel analog mixer suitable for use in the studio or for live sound purposes. I've only used this for recording a few times at a practice space for a band I was working with. They had it on hand for their sound and we…

  • Yamaha D5000

    Yamaha D5000 - moosers's review


    The Yamaha D5000 is a little known digital delay unit. It's got a lot to offer, but like a lot of digital outboard gear has been pushed to the side in lieu of plug-ins of the same function. The D5000 consists of connections for stereo XLR inputs an…

  • Yamaha NS-10M Studio

    Yamaha NS-10M Studio - Audiofanzine FR's review


    Originally written by John Michael on Audiofanzine FR. Near-field monitor speakers Used in home studio Marantz PM4001 amp SOUNDS Let's be clear: these speakers were conceived to check how a mix/recording will sound with most systems (sma…

  • Yamaha MT4X

    Yamaha MT4X - moosers's review


    The Yamaha MT4X is an old school, four track cassette recording device. Of course recorders like this are quite outdated at this point, but there's still a little bit of worth in this and even though they aren't highly sought after, there's still a …

  • Yamaha P120

    Yamaha P120 - moosers's review


    The Yamaha P-120 is a power amplifier designed for uses of all types. We have one of these at the studio where I'm working, although I've only set it up and used it on a few occasions. We have a lot of 'floating' gear, as there are a number of diff…

  • Yamaha E 1005

    Yamaha E 1005 - moosers's review


    The Yamaha E 1005 is an analog delay unit that is designed for use inside the recording studio. I wouldn't think that you could use this anywhere other than a studio, as that's really what it's made for. An outside engineer brought one of these int…

  • Yamaha MG124CX

    Yamaha MG124CX - "Yamaha MG124cx"


    I bought this latest model Yamaha mixer for mixing a folk club and small gigs at the local pub. I am a musician who has branched out into promoting and sound production. Bought new in Australia for $400 from Soundcorp. <a href="http://soundcorp.com…