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Yamaha Studio & Home Studio user reviews

  • Yamaha AW2816

    Yamaha AW2816 - FP User's review


    Everything on this unit is doing what it is supposed to do, and more!!! Price paid $1999.00 UTILIZATION Everything is Self-explanatory! If you can read, you be a master at digital recording and producing! It is easily portable and not too big! A…

  • Yamaha AW4416

    Yamaha AW4416 - FP User's review


    It depends of what for you want to use this machine; if you want to use it like a stand alone gear to record, mix and burn, it's perfect if you want to use it like a mixer, and have the possibilitie to route many output signals, it' a little hard; yo…

  • Yamaha MT4X

    Yamaha MT4X - mateopero's review


    This unit was offered to me in January '98. It cost about $600 back then. Up to then, I did two-track DIY recordings with two tape recorders (the first playing back the rhythm section next to the mic of the second while I recorded vocals and lead gu…

  • Yamaha MG10/2

    Yamaha MG10/2 - superdébutant's review


    The console is not rackable but you can put it on a stand. 10 channels, 4 mono with XLR/Jack inputs and 3 stereo (2 on jacks and 1 on RCA). 3-band equalizer No effects UTILIZATION Simple setup, easy installation. The manual is well done, withou…

  • Yamaha REV100

    Yamaha REV100 - prysm's review


    Reverbs, delays, echos, chorus, flange and combos of all. 99 presets that are all adjustable by 2 knobs on front panel, plus you can get at more parameters by pushing a few buttons and can save if you want.Or use the midi interface. 16 bit A/D D/A pr…

  • Yamaha MG10/2

    Yamaha MG10/2 - spritnoirr2's review


    Here are the features of Yamaha's little beast: Analog console with 4 mic inputs (2 with insert) 2 line inputs 4 stereo inputs 3-band EQ per channel + HPF on the mic inputs 2 auxiliary sends 1 stereo return Possibility of mounting it on the …

  • Yamaha MT4X

    Yamaha MT4X - cameltimes's review


    How long have you been using the product? I've been using it for four years. Which feature do you like the most / the least? Its simplicity and the fact that this recorder can also be used as a mixer and that you can record four sources at the sam…

  • Yamaha REV100

    Yamaha REV100 - Jbegh's review


    1U rack housing UTILIZATION Über-simple use, I didn't need the user manual. SOUND QUALITY Not too typical YAMAHA sound You do what you can, but for the price it's awesome! I'd even say it's not too far from the SPX 900 and 1000 It's very easy …

  • Yamaha MG10/2

    Yamaha MG10/2 - "Yamaha MG 10/2 Mixing Console"


    I've been playing drums since 1998, guitar since 2000, and synthesizers since 2001. I enjoy composing all sorts of music, from acoustic to funk to trance. I paid $100 for this unit at CV Lloyd's in Champaign, Illinois. I needed a mixer that had a va…

  • Yamaha P120

    Yamaha P120 - "Yamaha P120"


    I bought the P120 mostly because I needed an 88-key weighted keyboard with great portability and cost-efficient quality. I bought it at Guitar Center for $1099, excluding accessories. The P120 is very light and easy to move, which is a plus for any…