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  • Yamaha Pocketrack C24

    Yamaha Pocketrack C24 - " Very well"


    I record my violin and I'm happy with the sound knowledge that is omnidirectional and I have a preference for this type of directionality. This is especially the nomadic side that interests me to take her quickly Works great with rechargeable batteri…

  • Yamaha MSP7

    Yamaha MSP7 - Le Garage Studio's review


    They come out of the sound. For the rest, go to the instructions! SOUNDS I will not dwell on the neutrality of a frequency curve or dynamic or stereo image or the fact that they are not even able to make me a fried egg. OVERALL OPINION After …

  • Yamaha MG82CX

    Yamaha MG82CX - " Impeccable"


    Caractéristiquse very good for a small portable mixer (I said it is not amplified). Its 8 tracks are ample that it is in the studio, or "small" live. UTILIZATION Use child! One branch, is regulated and that's all. SOUNDS Effective equalizer, …

  • Yamaha HS5

    Yamaha HS5 - " Very satisfied!"


    I look for a monitor speaker that does not tire the ears with his clear, precise and not too muddy bass bothers to do a balance that would develop and mastering are a potential low volume! SOUNDS clear stereo for my taste with "kick" for example …

  • Yamaha 01V96 V2

    Yamaha 01V96 V2 - " Always for the stage"


    Characteristics are known, 32 channels including 12 XLR base. 8 to 4 effects per channel compressor gate 4 parametric channel UTILIZATION The configuration is simple and intuitive. Functions are easily accessible. This is my first digital 1…

  • Yamaha REX50

    Yamaha REX50 - " Excellent for spicing up a synth / BAR"


    In the creature more than 30 effects, chorus, flanger, reverb, delay, distortion, pan, gate and mixtures of it (as a result of both). Their publishing in the device is possible via a number of parameters and effects are arranged savable (60 saves).…

  • Yamaha AW2816

    Yamaha AW2816 - " PRO category for cheap!"


    For specifications, see the docs on the subject. The only weak point that I found the connection is only 2 connectors are XLR, the other jack. I had to make connections XLR-Jack. For storage, I changed the internal disk with a 64 GB It is still i…

  • Yamaha MSP5

    Yamaha MSP5 - " at this price, it is MSP5 that convinced me"


    clarity, balance the spectrum. The output of a Roland VS880EX. SOUNDS A slight weakness in the bass. Dynamics is surprising category The stereo image is a little tighter. The clarity and precision are very satisfactory on the whole spectr…

  • Yamaha MG206C

    Yamaha MG206C - " Simple and effective!"


    It is rack mountable. Jack or XLR connectors ON 20 entries. Perfect background music for small concerts or rehearsals. No automation at this price. UTILIZATION Console very easy to use, very convenient and the manual is sufficient. SOUNDS No …

  • Yamaha MG166CX-USB

    Yamaha MG166CX-USB - " excellent"


    I use it only to animate dancing galas …