DiMarzio DP102 X2N
DiMarzio DP102 X2N

DP102 X2N, Humbucker guitar pickup from DiMarzio in the High Power series.

tjon901 05/13/2011

DiMarzio DP102 X2N : tjon901's user review

« The Passive that thinks its an Active »

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In the late 70s guitar players were looking to push their amps harder than ever before, they wanted as much gain as they could get and DiMarzio rushed to satisfy this need. To help end the madness they created the X2N pickup. The X2N was designed to push the old-school Marshalls to melting point. It was the kick in the face guitar players were looking for back then and it still is now.

The X2N is voiced relatively flat with a little extra high-end for clarity so be careful. If you put one in a bright guitar it will sound extra bright. I would recommend it for Mahogany guitars mostly. The X2N is designed to be used in the bridge of a guitar. It would overpower the neck position. Some people have found the split tones useable but I have never tried. The X2N was the undisputed king of output for many years and still runs with the best of them. This pickup is suited for the heaviest of music where clarity with high gain is demanded. This thing is so hot it may push your clean channel. You may have to roll back on the volume to get your clean tones clean. Another problem is that the dual bar magnets are so powerful they may cause excessive drag on the strings if your pickup is set too high this may slightly lower your sustain. Chuck Shuldiner of the band Death used this pickup through his whole career. If you listen to any Death album you will hear the X2N's trademark bite.

If you are looking for a pickup suited for heavy music you should consider the X2N. Its nearly half the cost of an Active pickup with the same output. With so many people using active pickups if you want to sound distinct the X2N may be the way to go.