DiMarzio DP215 Evo 2 Bridge
DiMarzio DP215 Evo 2 Bridge

DP215 Evo 2 Bridge, Humbucker guitar pickup from DiMarzio in the High Power series.

Hatsubai 03/26/2011

DiMarzio DP215 Evo 2 Bridge : Hatsubai's user review

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The DiMarzio Evo 2 is the Evo that most people like. This pickup fixed most of the problems that everyone had with the original Evo. Where as the original Evo was extremely tight, bright, hot and hard to tame, the Evo 2 helped reduce some of those qualities while still making harmonics jump out like crazy. It features four conductor wiring, a ceramic magnet and adjustable pole pieces on both coils.

The original Evo was definitely a love or hate pickup. It was very bright, extremely tight and didn’t clean up when you lowered the volume knob. The Evo 2 tamed some of that brightness, increased the complexity of it, added more touch sensitivity and made it a bigger sounding pickup while still having those awesome harmonics that the original Evo had.

The midrange in this is boosted a good bit, so keep that in mind. It can make a guitar sound somewhat narrow, but it should mate with most woods. I’d probably recommend against using it in mahogany, but it depends on what your particular mahogany sounds like. The treble and bass are fairly even on this, so it delivers tone in spades. The split coil sounds are great, and the parallel tones are real cool as well.

If you didn’t like the original Evo pickup, I highly recommend trying this one out. It still has the similar characteristics of the original Evo, but it is a bit more tame and easier to handle. It’s not as extreme, so I find it works in more applications. I’d really like to hear this pickup with an Alnico 5 magnet, though. I think that would really make this thing come alive even more. I thought about doing a magnet swap in mine, but I’m too lazy to go through the process.