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Libertopanik 09/16/2011

Fender Performer 650 : Libertopanik's user review

« Small but beefy »

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I won't mention the features again, which have been detailed by some colleagues before.


Personally, I love its simplicity and effectiveness
Most renown amps (Vox, Marshall, Fender, etc.) always offer a simplicity that makes them effective.


The sound is all right, I have nothing to say in that respect.
A good EQ, a bit of reverb and you get the fender sound.

I've had it for more than 10 years and have played it with different guitar types (Gibson SG, Gibson LP studio, Fender Standard, Telecaster) and it always sounds good. Once you have tamed it and mastered the controls, it doesn't matter what style you play, it sounds good.


For me, it's a good compromise for rehearsals, small stages and even big ones, if you mic it with an Sm57 or similar.

+ Perfect clean sound
+ Light to transport
+ Easy to dial in when you know the sound you want
+ Powerful, rated at 65 watts but it delivers more, that's for sure
+ The hybrid tag suits the tube preamp very well (because for me it's better than a solid-state but lacks some of the warmth a tube provides current amps, at a higher price, though.)
+ Effects loop and line out.

- The distortion is not clean enough (if you crank it up it turns into noise), so, as someone already wrote before me, it's not the best for metal.
- It's too powerful (like many amps, the volume is graded from 0 to 10, at 2 it already makes the walls tremble, at 6-7 the house falls down, afterwards there's nothing left, even if you can go to 8 or 10). The solution is a volume pedal to fix the problem.