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arghdedamned 01/16/2008

Fender Performer 650 : arghdedamned's user review


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Other opinions are well documented so I do not dwell on this point.


Using ultra simple.
A clear channel and a channel footswitch saturated with good practice.
Just a little flat on the volume control for each channel that is too sensitive for my taste, in fact, it is graduated from 1 to 10, but spent a good 2.5 / 10 it already sends a lot of big sound in cages Honey, so setting a bit tricky in use at home when mom (my wife) takes a nap!


I find it really ensures this amp! A sound that perfectly suits my style (noise rock).
The clean sound is warm, saturated high-powered sound and reverb that gives body to esemble.
75 watts you say? Hard to believe so the effect of power given by this amp is present.


It's been about 6 years that I use, it has been my third amp (the first 2 were sold quickly because not to my taste), and I'm really super happy. I do not make a scene and uses it at home and in rehearsal with friends. Repeats did not really do fear.
The value for money is very good (bought on occasion at the time).
The hardware seems reliable, however, I had a problem with the reverb which had to be changed (after a sixty euros). No problem elsewhere.
Choice I would definitely do it again!