Fender Roc Pro 1000
Fender Roc Pro 1000

Roc Pro 1000, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Roc Pro series.

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SlapKid 04/22/2013

Fender Roc Pro 1000 : SlapKid's user review

«  Very nice, sensitive refrain ears! »

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Transistor for clean and power, 12AX7 tube (?) For saturax channel that contains two types of gain.
Spring reverb, all these people is remotely controlled with the switch (Led) provided cool.
Series effects loop, not yet tested. Additional hp taken, the internal is still functioning.

Under 100w 4ohms, 70 unchanged.

One can quibble that the loop is not remote controlled, yada yada yada.


CLean with 3 band eq and switch on the stamp is a small dark hair is normal mediums sparkling and flexible / living.

Winning with 3-band eq, here you have two non-cascadable gain, he who lights the yellow LED is softer more bluesy. He who lights the red is much more packed, heavy distortion unfortunately its too loud compared to the other gain and nothing can be paid separately.
So the use is not always obvious.

Typical fender, Volume 1 is nothing, and 1.5 is already too high, and it is worse on saturax ...

Forget any kind of apartment that thing!

To see I inserted my hot plate to reduce the volume at home, and it always does too, this is no longer the volume inconvenient but very brutal attitude of the amp, it is not makes it easy to play it all!


I played hard enough on two 12-inch box (usually dedicated to my bugera 1990), it is devilishly Rocpro sound! In clean is fun but hard and dark compared to 1990, on the other hand you 100w clean and it's a hell of fuss. The reverb is doing great, she is not too long for a time.

The saturax is another story, the amp is transformed, it's hot smooth and precise, adorable yellow on the drive, no wonder master Yngwie will be used in live (concerto with Philharmonic Orchestra siouplé!).
I do not know what light is in and it's the cotton air to remove, as it sounds good you touch anything.


Rare okaz I waited a very long time.
Saturations produced by this amp are great, and the stability of the power stage is a sacred anymore after a time (as opposed to all-tubes that change in his (over) heating), you know what expect here.

I wonder when same questions, regardless of the model everyone is unhappy with the fanciful race volume knobs, you think fender is deaf? Return customers info anyway!