Fender Roc Pro 1000
Fender Roc Pro 1000

Roc Pro 1000, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Roc Pro series.

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_jul 08/10/2005

Fender Roc Pro 1000 : _jul's user review


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Hybrid amplifier (transistor amp + overdrive a lamp)
A clear channel
2 channels of overdrive
A button-building mdiums
EQUAL 3 bands
100W, but be careful, very strong (powerful but not specially strong)
Effects loop with knob in facade
Taken to spare head (8 ohms)
No headphone jack


Adjustments super simple, easy to find the right sound clear. A little more about the Distortion channel, one of the two appropriate to each (for cons, it is true, as the set of all the software it will tantt tantt the heavy), they are not the equivalent of a Solo + Rhythm.


- Fits my style not too bad, but hey we can do better forcment
- I play on a US Std Start with dual microphones in serious
- On the clean channel you get a really find anything. The Equal is quite effective (the trble an insensitive), and the reverb works wonders. This is the main strength of this amp. Personally s'arrte has seen the one I MT2 for distortion. I am in fact never happened to find interesting sounds on the overdrive of the amp. Any fawn pdalier I had no need so ...
- I find it really clear sound almost perfect, it's Fender "at its best." Saturated by the cons ...


- I use it for 5 years now. I had a small Fender Frontman for me, and Marshalls for rpeter.
- No bcp tergivers before acqurir (new 450), c'tait one of the few in my budget and appropriate in its power.
- I do not regret that choice at all. In addition to its clear sound, this amp has other advantages: Hyper robust (number of concerts keupons squats, beers overturn current supplied by a group electrogne, cuts "hot", pos m me dirt floor, dust, and trimballage in all directions etc. ...), and actually quite compact (takes 1 / 4 of the trunk of my 206) which allows to turn light, while sending the serious steak sound level (never test more than 4).
- Its default: in addition to the channel (channel but hey ....) overdrive just nase, one problem is the amp's speaker is trs directive: it's not in front evil, but a cot is zero. It seems that replacing this one with a Celestion 12 "radically changes the receiver class and do something top. I confess I have never tried.

- So I would say top quality price, experience that I would do gladly (but it runs too and I pass on the Mesa ... I fear dja bp of reliability so I keep a little one the