Marshall VS65R
Marshall VS65R

VS65R, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the ValveState II series.

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jerome22540 01/20/2009

Marshall VS65R : jerome22540's user review


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It's a hybrid amp, which means you get a tube preamp which then goes into a solid-state circuit.

It delivers 65 watts, which isn't bad.

One jack input on the front panel and an effects loop on the back (directly related to the FX button on the front), as well as a line output, which might prove useful to record or to send it directly to the PA.

The clean channel has classic controls: volume, treble, mid, bass, plus a control to attenuate the mids for crystal-clear sounds lol. The lead channel features gain, volume, treble, contour, and bass controls, plus an FX mix knob and reverb (a nice old-school spring reverb)


Good sound...although it depends on what you're looking for. Generally speaking, it has a twangy, biting and precise clean sound. Driving the gain you get good results, but if you want to play vegetarian super metal grindcore, you'd better use a pedal. It's ideal for jazz or heavy metal.
User's manual?? There's no need for one, the few controls are simple and intuitive.


It suits me fine, I play almost everything, from System of a down to Dylan, reggae,ska, and punk rock.
I play a Les Paul standard plus, a Jagmaster (I can't afford a jaguar :'( for the time being, but one day I'll have one) and an ES 335, and sometimes even my Takamine acoustic-electric. Everything connected to my Boss me 50.
I love all the sounds I get from this amp even if the trebles can be really sharp (and you have controls to lessen them).


I've had it for 5 years, I love its sober but easily identifiable look. It has been more than enough to play in all sorts of rehearsal rooms and venues...For large venues there's PA (f**k 300-watt amps!).
I bought it secondhand and got a very good deal. It's still going strong despite its age and when it starts to give up on me,I know I just need to change the tube, which won't cost me more than 20 bucks (for a preamp tube), so I plan to keep it for quite some time.
If I could, I would've surely gotten a 100W one to be more relaxed during rehearsals, but hey, you only need to gift your drummer some sticks for Christmas and everything will be okay...keep rocking!