Marshall VS65R
Marshall VS65R

VS65R, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the ValveState II series.

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MGR/tony 02/15/2004

Marshall VS65R : MGR/tony's user review

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Trade for my behringer gx 100 ultrarock combo and pay 75 euro.GX 110 is great for home practise but Marshall is much better for reharsal.Plus my idea was to sold the GX,and nobody even call me for about 4 months,so i deside that i easily sell a brand as Marshall.I think i sell it for a week,it took 3 weeks.

Theres a big improvment on the clean chanell- there is a mid shift ,which make this combo to sounds as a Fender /as my Fender Pro 185/.Better clean sound then old Velvastate.Drive is the same/i had 8080/
The speker is Gold Mershall/as my investigetion goes, i find that this speakers are make by austian U.Rath/rath amps/.They sound diferent from celestino g 75.Golds are more modern sounding/think new metal/ i prefer a matter of taste.

For home practise ,Behringer is better- it sounds more hifi.but it is useess even in a rehersal sitaution.No dinamicks and big delay when u switch the channels.

Constuctions is great - it is marshall made in england,not park made in India!.i like the adition of fx loop and pix pot,di out,headphoneout.This amp is for rehaersal or small gig.It deserve it money

If u r on budget and want Marshall sound this my be your choise.

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