Marshall VS65R
Marshall VS65R

VS65R, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the ValveState II series.

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MGR/Anonymous 06/24/2001

Marshall VS65R : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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Bought this amp at a music store in Wexford, PA for $450.

This is the Valvestate line so the amp is designed to be a solid state hybrid with a tube in the preamp section that is supposed to give it a tube sound. I like the cleans and the channel 2 overdrives are very sweet and Marshall-like.

The amp starts to crap out around 4 or 5 on the master volume. It just doesn't sound like 65 Watts if you ask me. It also doesn't have a lot of bass presence, even with the bass eq turned up.

The unit is built like a tank. It's obviously very high quality and wears the Marshall logo with pride.

I think this amp is a little pricey for what it delivers. I'm aware you can find it cheaper on the net, but I shouldn't have paid more than $350 for it. In any case it does sound great, even if it isn't a true tube amlifier.

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