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Hybrid Combo Guitar Amps user reviews

  • Marshall AVT100

    Marshall AVT100 - "Marshall AVT 100"


    I bought this amp at Sam Ash Music for $659 because I needed an amp that I could do small gigs with. The sound is good, when it works. I play a Strat, and I can get pretty good Marshall/Strat sounds out of it (Jimi, etc) considering it's a valve amp…

  • Marshall AVT150

    Marshall AVT150 - "Marshall AVT150"


    I bought my smoking Marshall at Guitar Center in Lakewood. I spent $679.00 when it was on sale. When you turn on 1 of the overdriven channels and you play your guitar you bite your toung at the pure energy and power in the AVT150. The clean channel …

  • Marshall AVT150

    Marshall AVT150 - "Marshall AVT150"


    Got this off Music123.com for $588 (B Stock, which is supposed to have minor scratches and dents). Unit came without a single scratch on it. Puchased in middle July of '04. The unit put outs tremondous volume. I have this hooked up with a standard 1…

  • Vox Cambridge 30R

    Vox Cambridge 30R - "Vox Cambridge Reverb Twin"


    Purchased used on ebay for $152.00, had brown-out problems. I tried one out at Guitar Center that sounded good for the small amount of cash. I was impressed how 30 watts projected from this amp. The (2) 10' Celestions seemed fuller than the single s…

  • Marshall AVT100

    Marshall AVT100 - "Marshall AVT 100"


    I paid $699 plus tax for this amp at a local music store a couple years ago, and it still sells for the same amount today, even on eBay. I suspect the price will go down in a year or two. Obviously, I was looking for quality at a reasonable price. …

  • Marshall AVT275

    Marshall AVT275 - "Marshall AVT275"


    I got this amp six months old off a well known internet auction site for £345. It retails for £560 - bargain! I bought it because I was looking for a powerful combo for gigs. I love this amp. I looks brilliant, and the range of sounds you can get…

  • Marshall AVT150

    Marshall AVT150 - "Marshall AVT150"


    I bought this off the internet after reading good reviews, it cost me a little under £600 ($1000 dollars-ish). The only thing I like about this is the acoustic channel I hate the distortion. Its awful, it sounds worse than anything i've heard befor…

  • Marshall VS65R

    Marshall VS65R - "Marshall VS 65R"


    Trade for my behringer gx 100 ultrarock combo and pay 75 euro.GX 110 is great for home practise but Marshall is much better for reharsal.Plus my idea was to sold the GX,and nobody even call me for about 4 months,so i deside that i easily sell a brand…

  • Marshall AVT150

    Marshall AVT150 - "Marshall AVT150"


    paid $1200 at guitar center head is really nice puts out good distortion the switch from clean to distortion is wierd because the volumes are hard to make equal. the cabinet doesn't send out the sound. you crank the head but the cabinet doesn't p…

  • Peavey Deuce

    Peavey Deuce - "Peavey Deuce VT Series"


    A freind had it i payed $50.00 bucks for it it needs tubes and speakers but im running it through my marshall 4x12 and it sounds great i stole it he even threw in two grove tubes 12ax7 for my pre amp. this is a great amp to get a amp with this much…