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Hybrid Combo Guitar Amps user reviews

  • Marshall AVT150

    Marshall AVT150 - "Marshall AVT150"


    I bought this amp at guitar center because I needed a louder amp. I paid $1200 It sounds really good. I was impressed with the acoustic simulator. It sounds good clean , distortion sound very good. It also is very, very loud I didn't find anyt…

  • Marshall AVT150

    Marshall AVT150 - "Marshall AVT150"


    Price: $1799 AUD (Includes AVT412 Cabinet, +$20 Interstate shipping) Place: Kosmic Sound, Perth, Western Australia Why: To make noise Bundled with a Celestion loaded, 200 watt 4x12 cabinet, this half stack was an absolute steal considering togethe…

  • Kustom Tube 12

    Kustom Tube 12 - "Kustom Tube 12"


    I bought this amplifier for my first guitar. Paid 120 bucks for it, although I must admit that it was after a slight discount. The amp was aquired In Musica Arte, Las Palmas, Canaries, Spain. This amp is just perfect for what I need. It's Sturdy and…

  • Marshall AVT100

    Marshall AVT100 - "Marshall AVT-100 Combo"


    I acquired this amp at Mars Music during their closing sale for $479, 20% off street price of $599. My wife told me to find my Christmas present, so I told her I'd save her money if I bought it now. I always wanted a Marshall for the build and tone…

  • Marshall VS100R

    Marshall VS100R - "Marshall VS100"


    Second hand form local guitar shop around £300. This amp is very vyer versatile. With three channels, a power cut and a tone shift it can be played in almost any envriment. If this is the top end of your budget it will fill any venue that you will p…

  • Marshall AVT20

    Marshall AVT20 - "Marshall AVT20"


    Ive been playing guitar for about a year now, and ive been using a 15-watt squier amp since i first got my guitar. One of my friends had this amp, and the first time i played it, I knew i wanted one. Well my birthday finally came around and i went to…

  • Marshall AVT150

    Marshall AVT150 - "Marshall AVT150"


    I bought a half stack for $1960 Aussie Dollars in Sydney. The Head Retailed for $1799 and The Cab for $1099 so obviously its alot cheaper in a buying them together. Great range of sounds: Accoustic Simulator with its own body control. Clean chann…

  • Marshall AVT50

    Marshall AVT50 - "Marshall AVT50"


    I was trying out Crate GX212's and saw this amp sitting over in the Marshall pile. I wasn't gonna spend $475.00 on an amp, but after I heard it, I had to have it. The manager at the Guitar center gave it to me for $475.00 out the door. …

  • Marshall AVT50

    Marshall AVT50 - "Marshall AVT-50 Combo"


    I bought it at GuitarCenter in Tacoma, WA for $475. The clean channel sounds great. The Distortion channel is all it should be too. It also has a output for recording or use with an external PA. Not much that I don't like about it. The reverb co…

  • Peavey Deuce

    Peavey Deuce - "Peavey Deuce VT-Series"


    I purchased this item from a local music shop for $500.00 canadian. The amp is great. I dont like tube amps much, but I think I can give this one a break.. the sound is amazing, the effects are awesome, and with 2 peavey 12" black widow speakers, t…