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Hybrid Combo Guitar Amps user reviews

  • Marshall VS65R

    Marshall VS65R - "Marshall VS65R"


    Bought this amp at a music store in Wexford, PA for $450. This is the Valvestate line so the amp is designed to be a solid state hybrid with a tube in the preamp section that is supposed to give it a tube sound. I like the cleans and the channel 2 o…

Translated user reviews
  • Marshall 8080 Valvestate 80V

    Marshall 8080 Valvestate 80V - " The perfect amp for the beginner ... and maybe more"


    80 Hybrid w. 1 12AX7 preamp / amp transistors. There is no dynamic bad for a transistor amplifier and is not eaten by the drums and bass. On condition of not being next to a tube amp, of course, much more dynamic. UTILIZATION The clean sounds are…

  • Behringer Vintager AC108

    Behringer Vintager AC108 - " Great amp for work and Records."


    1 12AX7 preamp lamp And the lamp is not there to decorate, but does its taf. 15 watts rms .... The true watts as it pushes the guy Few adjustable treble and bass master gain Next to this switch for 2 channel and the Sture, who acts on the amo…

  • Randall RT50C

    Randall RT50C - " Amazing!"


    Any amplification 50W lamps 12AX7 preamp 2 x 6L6 power amp (can easily replace them with EL34) Adjusting Bias in the back 2 channels: Clean and Modern Classic Overdrive Equalisation Bass, Mid, Treble separately for each channel Gain and …

  • Fender Roc Pro 1000

    Fender Roc Pro 1000 - "Very good amp, well built, with its Fender!"


    100w amp transistor preamp and a lamp for overdrive. Hp 12 'Fender designed (made by Eminence) Spring Reverb Accutronic made in USA (excellent!) 3 channels (clean + 2 overdrives) Mid shift in mitigation mediums (but also treble it seems m…

  • Marshall AVT150

    Marshall AVT150 - " a holy crap!"


    Hybrid amp (preamp lamp certainly not top more amplification transistor) 150 watts (less powerful than my ex mg 100 dfx which showed 100w), two channels (4 possibility of sound), applicable to all digital effects, and an effects loop and an output em…

  • Peavey Classic VTX

    Peavey Classic VTX - " A very powerful hybrid amp .."


    Recovered from a friend who wanted to get rid of, for repair retype the corner (lamps, capacitor, and 2 or 3 odds), and here I am with a hybrid amp (transistor preamp and amp lamps 2x6L6) with 2 bowls 12 "an Accutronics reverb 3 springs, embedded pha…

  • Ashdown FA 40 DSP Combo

    Ashdown FA 40 DSP Combo - " Amp"


    Integrated tube amp with digital effects. The best of both worlds really. Power 40watts, but for 40w lamps give enough volume to be heard properly in groups. It has two channels, one clean / crunch, and the other more typical distortion. And side eff…

  • Music Man 210 Sixty-five

    Music Man 210 Sixty-five - " I adorre"


    For the true lover of lamps, this is a great power amp, perfect for studio, it will go through your sound engineer to use on stage. Leo Fender iconic brand after the acquisition of his eponymous label by CBS. An amp that is rather rare, and often rep…

  • Kustom Tube 12A

    Kustom Tube 12A - " a real favorite"


    Tube preamp and amplifier transistor. 12 "real" controlled by a gain, bass, treble, volume and a switch acting on the (low) mids watts. HP 8-inch Celestion super8 (15 watts / 8 ohms). 1 output for an external HP, 1 headphone output and one "line". …