Vox Cambridge 30R
Vox Cambridge 30R

Cambridge 30R, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the Cambridge series.

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Leayek 02/15/2007

Vox Cambridge 30R : Leayek's user review


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- Hybrid Amplification with the precision of the transistor and the heat and the dynamics of the lamp.
- The amplifier delivers an output of 30W on paper (to 3 / 4 Volume I covered a Marshall 100MG to 8 on the volume) the volume of output depends on many microphones for making the test volume is monstrous with my EMG active.
- The connection base is available, the amplifier has an analog spring reverb has excellent quality comparable to that of electro-harmonix tremolo vintage and one running on the same principle.


The configuration is very Vox with medium booster, booster gain, equalization Vox also have a very bizar increase the volume knob. In terms of equalization quickly found his business offers a very large number of diverse and varied sound quite easily, and refined over time.


Ah! sound, at last! A joy, it took me over 4 years to find that sound.
By clean we obtain according to the position of the microphone:

In-bridge pickup gives a very clean fender twin slamming typed by adding a slight reverb gives excellent sound for reggae, ska and other music-dominance against temps.Une very nice shine and a perfect foil.
-On the handle and central position, in plays on the equalization gives a very clear, round and warm, without being too runny, I use it for many parts of arpeggios, the simplest is listening to U2's Beautiful Days is the typical sound vox (with delay that said ;-)
Warning: the volume in clean parrait more powerful than the volume distortion (1 / 2 volume clean = 3 / 4 volume distortion)

In disto:
- Then happiness is the sound Rock by reference, on the bridge pickup volume is enormissime and highly accurate gain by pushing the harmonics and rain naturally occurring when the note fades away any remaining controllable which is very pleasant is good for solo sound is bright with the tone characteristic of at vox in dimin gain a little one falls on the AC / DC, very British sound with a lot of medium and treble.
Powerchord in the distortion makes me think a lot of MESA BOOGIE bottle rocket with a little less gain, however, but it is very near, the sound is really powerful.

PS: I recall that I use EMG active pickups (with preamp) and thus a very large output level, the lamp is a preamp MESA BOOGIE which gives me a particular grain.


This amp really attracted me because of its versatility, power, the typical sound that can be given to its Channel CLEAN / DISTO.
I searched long these features, snapping a clean and warm like the fenders and a powerful ultra distortion such as MESA but with a less refined grain.
The sound remains SO BRITISH allowing both to take old pieces of 70 years with a well rounded and analog reverb and playing on the gain and equalization of land on a more modern sound, which this amp makes it very versatile.