Marshall AVT50H
Marshall AVT50H

AVT50H, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the ValveState 2000 AVT series.

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frankP_en 08/12/2008

Marshall AVT50H : frankP_en's user review


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The Marshall AVT50H is value state guitar head. 115watts input with a 50w RMS output. At first you think that it's not a lot of power but it's enough for a live show and to record with. I used this at a club venue and it kicked out some good tones. It has just the quarter inch inputs and outputs. CD in, Headphones in, FX return, FX send, foot switch, Emulated DI out, with 2 main outputs for the cabinets. Runs at 4ohms. Weight is at 12.4kg. Dimensions: 674 x 250 x 254mm. It uses a master volume, clean, and overdrive channel with a single reverb setting. It has no built in effects like chorus, flanger, or phaser. You can use many different types of cabinets for this head and for marshalls series in general.


The setup for this is simple. Just plug in the adapter cord for power, turn it on and let it warm up, and plug in. It's a basic setup for the sound. Clean or Overdrive tune. I never look at the manuals or really even get a manual when I buy the product from a store. Sometimes the stores either lose or don't get one. When I look at a guitar amp, I like to play around with the outputs and settings to see what it can do myself.


I do rock and hard rock/metal music. It's simple enough to get the right guitar and have a really good sound. I've tried this with 10 guitars and they all produced a good sound. I have an explorer right now and that rocks. I don't use any pedals or effects. I like the raw sound and playing style. The clean channel has gain, volume, bass and treble. Not to much to work with the sound. For the clean channel, to get a really good sound, you do have to depend on your guitar. The overdrive channel has gain, volume, bass, mid, treble. You can have the cleanest, most simple electric tones. I like that their isn't 7 knobs for low/mid/high. Just set it to the basic sound and level and your ready to go. You can get similar guitar sounds from bands like Three Days Grace, or Metallica. If you want that mainstream rock sound, this provides it. I don't use the reverb setting at all really. Reverb on electric guitar isn't good unless your doing 80's music. I use the straight AVT cabinet along with this head and slant Crate GX cabinet series. They put out a good tune and work good together to create a unique sound.


I've owned this amp for 2 years now and it still runs great. I like everything about it. It's simple to use and doesn't take forever to set the sound. The crate models are what I used to use. I was a big fan of the band Creed. The marshal heads just give a much better sound and add the tone you need. The AVT 150H, I tried out, and I thought it had to many different switches and sounds you could play with. The MG100FX head is good for the beginning guitarists in high school. This is a head for the mainstream rock musician and club and small venue artists. I bought this for $550. Not bad of a price. I love the amp. It's works good and has everything I want.