Orange Micro Terror
Orange Micro Terror

Micro Terror, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Terror series.

el grator 09/25/2012

Orange Micro Terror : el grator's user review

«  LE LE without its price! »

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Although the preamp tube is the power output (20W RMS) transistor month but believe her or did anything chemical or flat, it intends to effect its small 12AX7 as mentioned previously the head dwarf has when the same input, a headphone input and an output speaker.
as what it is not the size that makes the difference even with the baffle (ppc108) the sound quality is not quite to the contrary is


Nothing more simple, 3 buttons (volume, tone, gain) no manual but as mentioned before it does serve to nothing!
plug and play


Obviously it is in the orange (right?) Although it is possible to play "clean" to me the strength of this dwarf is living with gain in both rock blues sound is alive, warm connected with TV JA90 is really way to do it would really sound that I decided to try it on other cab but it pleases me already so I'm in no hurry to test other config


ca only 15 days so I use reliability point of view we'll talk in a few years (I hope) does not prevent that for the less fortunate among us here when even a very nice gift from orange.
of aillor even if you are wealthy do not hesitate, its small size, its price its weight, beautée (I know this is subjective) are arguments that hit sales

its the orange pocket, what more?!