Orange Micro Terror
Orange Micro Terror

Micro Terror, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Terror series.

Dizo 03/08/2013

Orange Micro Terror : Dizo's user review

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Single channel, 20 watt potato.
Preamp tube (Ecc83/12ax7)
Power transistor

Volume, tone, gain

A 4 ohm output.

The minimum of the minimum ...

CD input, headphone output and I have not tested


Using super simple! Nothing to say. This is the advantage of the basic settings, no brainer to find a sound.

The big downside is the tone. This setting is really poor, because only 12 setting gave me good sound. The worst was to tone up the tab ... one bouillasse harsh and cold.

... brief ... they could turn this setting (or to a real eq.)

Beyond that, it's cool.


I love Orange! All is not good, but the grain Orange .... MY GOD there's it's real!
Obviously, this product is tested for fat, and yes it was fat!
It was a beautiful volume is small but it sends the decibel! By texture issue against fat ... this is not the Rolls. Little roundness in the bass, too loud in the treble and too cold throughout.

Unfortunately ... it is still far from the quality of Oranges first prizes (Tiny Terror, OR15 ...) ... but it is 4 times cheaper.

Tested with:
- Gibson Lespaul Studio 2012
- Gretsch Electromatic g5420
- Epiphone Sheraton 2

This is the Epiphone has the most sung on the beast!


- Cheap!
- Small and suuuuper cute!
- It sends a large volume but can be used super low!
- Widely superior to dung transistor combo competitors (in the same price range)

- It is very far from what we expect from Orange!
- Tone rotten.

Honestly ... better to take a mini lamp head full of competitors. Or wait until the budget for a used Tiny!