Dave Smith Instruments PolyEvolver Keyboard
Dave Smith Instruments PolyEvolver Keyboard

PolyEvolver Keyboard, Hybrid synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments.

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cabana 08/22/2006

Dave Smith Instruments PolyEvolver Keyboard : cabana's user review


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Audience: Beginners
Well you just have to go to the site mesi. (Link distributor)
I said it's still a synthetic pre-wired, but with huge potential modulation (both sources as destinations), making it a semi modular.
sequencers are remarkable (4, with a programing EASSy)
otherwise, the notice can be downloaded from the website of Dave Smith.


Easy to use
Edit very easy, however, to see the value of the potentiometer, you have to turn slightly, it is not clear, for the price, I loved that by pressing the displayed value.
the manual is clear but in English, however, requires knowing what the synthesis. (The functions of various modules, modulation, mastering, end all you need to know lorqu'on uses a modular) disont it's not for beginners.
Small detail that its importance, after some hours of research, one in sore eyes, I Aimms knob an adjustment of brightness diodes.


J'office Electroacoustic Music in the concrete thinking. and so then it's very good. We are experimenting and experimenting and we have not finished experimenting.
It should be noted that for those who make parts octophonic, 4 stereo outputs are very useful. it allows for direct sound octo. the foot.
The realism I sigh, it's not what you ask a synth from my point of view.
Besides, I've never understood those who want to imitate vraix instrument!
but good.
The effects are too small to be effective (hack, saturation) the delay are great, there are three with feedback, though.
I did not price the time to address the issue of external signal processing.
I made a few successful attempts, when I have time I struggled.
if not, I think with a good command, you just go to dream of Silverberg in his new "circuit Marcauley".


Well, you'll find that I am a bit emflammé, in fact I used it three days in a music studio, to create sounds that I use for parts for a planetarium. But it was good that I made at some point.

It globally, it has a very good ergonomics, it just create beautiful sonororité mutiphonique, I have a JP8080, ca have nothing to do, in sound. Otherwise, I rather use analog (System100 roland Kobol) and tone (of course it depends on what you are doing) goes well with the Evolve.
I do not know which means "his / D" (meaning unnecessary debate and interest), but this certain, the fate of the Evolver.
value for money is OK, Memme if I can not afford to purchase it.
Indeed, when the UTIs, we have a standalone machine that works, period.
I usually have machines like that in his hands.