Waldorf MicroWave
Waldorf MicroWave

MicroWave, Hybrid synthesizer from Waldorf in the MicroWave series.

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sin 05/05/2012

Waldorf MicroWave : sin's user review

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MIDI expander 2 digital to analog units.
Wavetable synthesis dynamics directly from the latest PPG Wave 2 and created by Wolfgang Palm.
8 voice polyphony and multitimbral 8 votes.
Analog filters and envelopes (Curtis CEM).
2 LFO.
6 audio outputs (L / R + 4 singles).


It's actually quite convenient to use his big red nose. The hierarchy is clear and well-grouped settings. once one knows the synthesis it is relatively easy to program directly on the facade.
Just remember that he has nine edit buffers (!) ...


The synthesis is HUGE! Well there are many tables of waves from the PPG Wave 2.3 MicroWave board but can do much more ... Obviously the pads and tablecloths are scalable analog and desire, the waveforms "pure" found at the end of each wavetable sound conceited and when applying the filter that sends a square wood! The 2 LFO and modulation in general is very powerful allowing a beautiful palette of sounds. Thanks to the circuit EMC (1 + 3 VCF VCA), the attack is. accurate and timely release and can last more than 8 min ... The filter is just wonderful (I own the rev. B). I also add that the pan (also analog) is indeed very important in the design of sounds and not many bikes attach as much importance (the TG77 with its macros Pan?).
In short a world of synth sounds very fat or metal, analog or digital ;)


Being a fan of DM, I had to have a PPG rack ;)
The wavetables in analog filters and envelopes EMC is happiness!
I recommend it to all lovers of true synthesis ...