Waldorf MicroWave
Waldorf MicroWave

MicroWave, Hybrid synthesizer from Waldorf in the MicroWave series.

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H.Noury 05/06/2005

Waldorf MicroWave : H.Noury's user review


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The Microwave is an open rack on the TRS MIDI Controller since reconnat all, and everyone can enter the chain modulation matrix, any o. .. You just set (and a love, which is my case). Otherwise, there is an exit Stereo, mono and four outputs, if you want to get a lead or bass indpendamment, it is used, but they are a voice for monophonic (that is a bizard little, but you get used to ...)


The configuration is not done too badly if you know what a modular programming or matrix. Personally, I have played in a studio rack of Kobol and AKS, which allowed me to quickly go TRS in programming. It is so flexible that after 10 years of employment, I still discovering new opportunities (and yet I am much used).


The sound of Microwave trs is beautiful, rich, analog, even if it allows the digital effects like piano or organ DX7 crystal thrs pads, etc ... The medium and low serious can be good Submitted. Only the Minimoog is rounder, the filter remember that the Prophet V. In fact, it's a great synthse between numrique (wavetable, memory, MIDI ...) and analog (filters, VCA, modulation matrix ...).


I have this instrument for 10 years, and it is still my favorite. Council to make a piano DX7: CRER with wavetable ddies the sound when playing loud. Filter the sound up then get her sweet. VLOC assign the filter to find the sensitivity of the keyboard. Modulate the decay of the envelope for VCA ... VCA envelope (yes, it's possible!) as the sound decreases along a curve more "natural" than a normal right slope. Ds I do rsonance percussion sound, I make this manip ... And this is a beautiful piano sound digital trs round (because I lgrement dsaccord the two oscillators), and trs (too if desired) dynamic ... I do not speak the rest, we can all imagine, or almost.