Waldorf MicroWave
Waldorf MicroWave

MicroWave, Hybrid synthesizer from Waldorf in the MicroWave series.

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SpootniK 03/01/2005

Waldorf MicroWave : SpootniK's user review


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Analog filter and envelope.

Two oscillating

Two Lfo

Envelope: volume, filter, pitch.

Filter: 24dB

8 point envelope can control the LFO, filter, volume .....

Reoit 4 controllers customizable, can be a pressure control.


Note Polyphony 8.

8 analog mono outputs.

each envelope, filter, LFO, oscillator, can s'inter-drive them.

The synthesis of microwave is quite surprising compared to other machines.
CRER the sound source is from two different frequencies, which can import noon, divided into 64 sub frequencies from the first the last.

Single mode, one plays are 8 multiplayer sounds.


Enormously values ​​for the analog machine, alas a tiny screen and abbreviations are not intuitive that this machine is not readily accessible.

The search for sound is more pleasant with software midi.trs long the screen of the microwave.

the patient is required.

But once the machine is well understood, a better, but learning is long, in my opinion.


Huge possibilities, especially sounds strange, but Crystaline, hot, amazing, unique sound.

The envelope has 8 points to create a sound in the evolution with great capacity.

The filter does not sound like no other.


It's been two years since I used and only discover new possibilities of sonorit.Je regret it is no more possibility of control of south.

But the sound is unique.