Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! 5.1
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! 5.1

Sound Blaster Live! 5.1, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Creative Labs.

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Crashconverter 12/26/2004

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 : Crashconverter's user review


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Ok the sb live! 5.1 a rotten numriques converters in between but the output is more than just drinking ...
It is an computer music slution 23 euros with a mono amplifier from other inputs and 2 Stereo Auxiliary ...
Cratives drivers? Trs means ....
With the famous Kx drivers? Carment we play in the big leagues with a latency that falls a 5ms (limit = 2.66ms) and only with kxASIO become Fully configurable DSP, the j'enten that can add any route effects to inputs (you can also load new effects to reprogram ect ...).
We can use the router for 5 Mono spare live ds software computer music ...
You can play live with VST over the five entries at a time without problems ...
So for the live play is teuf IDAL and do not plant within 3 years of use 0 to crash with the sound card drivers Kx (which also work with the Audigy, which is too expensive go to my t seen these converters almost as pourrave than the 5.1)

APRS to Save and import into the bank's? Make a quality recording studio?
Ben I buy a Yamaha UW10 (catre external usb 2 between a mono output Stereo unamplified) is less than 100 euros, because the Yamaha converters are reliable and good quality trs , is a trademark of Yamaha musical instrument, it has been for decades and they build instruments synthtiseurs numriques ...

So here is my configuration:
sb live 5.1 = 20 euros
Yamaha UW10 = 100 euros
my pc up even in January 2004, AMD Barton 2.8, 2x256 sdram 400 in sync on a dfi infinity, ati radeon 9200SE = 300 euros
acer flat screen 17 "inch 400 euros ...
One micro philips sbc md19s = 34 euros
bass, percussion, guitars, old analog korg dw8000 matre in keyboard, dijeridoo, voice ...

jugs you'll even the quality of my productions and sound recordings!

Otherwise I made the Mao years since I was 17, I started with Windows 3.11 on wincake 486 dx2 there 10 years ago ... I laugh and good of all those badgers who buy cards to 1000 euros to be able to enter the parade and who when asked to listen their music productions! My project is very technical and I build a small rack with 5 of Monos my sb live!
And may be to invest in the latest drive to WAV/MP3 Recorder Edirol ...


Put the trash creatives drivers, uninstalled the IMMEDIATE because it do not make the card at all level of full capacity and prfrs KX drivers free ...


Trs stable, 0 crashes in 3 years ...
juqu'a KXasio 2.66ms with drivers
trs a stable yet 5ms
5 mono tracks via KXrouteur dsp


3 years
it costs only 20 euros ... and 30 or has the era I achetbr /> nan other cards are too Chres has got my ... Discoveries and when I KX drivers and comptences tural Features and the cards, no hsitation
yes no equivalent for the price ...