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E-MU 0404
E-MU 0404

Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from E-MU

Thread E-Mu 0404 v Presonus Firebox

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1 E-Mu 0404 v Presonus Firebox
I have been using the EMU 0404 for over a year in my basement and enjoy it, but wonder if a slightly more expensive interface would improve my overall sound. I've been interested in the Presonus Firebox. The EMU is the only interface I've ever used. My other equipment is a PODxt, Sansamp GT2- used for bass, a JoeMeek VC3 pre and a Presonus Tube Pre, and a Groove Tubes GT55 condenser mic. You can hear samples of my stuff at www.myspace.com/ozymandias3 . Anyway, I just got a new computer and wonder if I want to move the EMU over into it or just start off new. If there isn't a dramatic difference in quality, I'd just as soon stick with the EMU. I just use the Cubasis 4.0 software and the BBE Sonic Maximizer plugin for EQ. Incidentally, some of the songs on my site were recorded with real guitar amps and shure mics.