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E-MU 1212M

Thread strange noise with emu 1212m

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1 strange noise with emu 1212m
Hi all,
I have just installed an EMU 1212m sound card in my PC and am testing the output I am getting. What I find is a very low background noise at about -100dB (as expected and hoped) but I also find spikes at -80dB in perfectly regular intervals of about 3.5 ms (around 280 Hz). I do not see these spikes at all using a lower quality external (USB) audio interface (M-Audio transit, which shows a bckground noise at about -80 dB, but no spikes). Obviously something in my PC must be producing these spikes, but I do find the frequency quite unusual.
Does anyone here have a clue what kind of device might have a switching frequency of about 280 Hz?
My system is an AMD 64 X2 3800+ on a DFI n4-dagf (nforce-4) running XP32 Professional. I am using an Asus PCIe graphics board (nvidia 6200 GT chipset) and also have a satellite TV card in the PC, however, this is not active.
Any help is appreciated!

Are you using a SATA drive for your system drive? SATA drives in conjunction with the Silicon Image Sil 3112 sata controller on the mobo are known to cause problems with audio.

thanks for the reply. I identified the culprit, its the Sat-TV card. Don't know what the heck it is doing to produce these regular spikes, but taking it out of the system completely cures the problem.
So may be an advice: don't put a Sat-TV card next to a highly sensitive AD converter.

Best wishes
Ha! I knew I saw your post somewhere...

Glad to see you got it sorted out.