Echo Mia
Echo Mia

Mia, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Echo.

FP User 10/31/2008

Echo Mia : FP User's user review


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Has your basic features a sound card can have. Can switch between asio, direct X, and WDM drivers using the MIA interface they provide in software form. Includes 2 Standard midi jacks( IN and OUT), and a pair of BALANCE 1/4 inch analog IN's and OUT's. Also includes S/PDIF digital in and out if that's your perrogative. Anyone with good monitors should keep this in mind, because you can hook them up directly to ur sound card without any external receivers! Includes a 4+ DB setting as well, which is very cool (this will keep you from overamping ur tracks, automatically amping your settings 4+ decibles!). Include 8 virtual tracks, which is cool when you get into multitrack recording. You can acually buy an external interface through ECHO to make use of these virtual tracks.

Price paid: $60 USD (used)


I would say the usability is above average. I use windows ME and the installation was seemless. Direct X and ASIO drivers work great, haven't seen any issues yet. DSP is great when it comes to recording vocals at high sample rates (24bit/96kHz). The MIA console in control panel works great, and lets you monitor output with the click of the mouse. Very acurate response. The only downfall is that it sucks for GAMES....of course, u shouldn't be using a DAW for playing games anyway.


No issues in the 5 months I've owned the card. Usablity is issues with incompatibility of outdated drivers. Sound is top notch....big change in how my mixes turn out. None of the inputs or outputs have come loose yet. Still cannot give it a 10, haven't pushed it to it's limits yet. Performs all same task effectively $200+ cards do and then some.


The sound quality is top notch! Went from using a soundblaster (audigy) to this, and the difference is incredible. This card reproduces the sound better at a higher sample rate do you can here inaccuracies in your production....which is what you need in order to mix effectively. This card does the job in that area. Also, the latency is very, very low using the asio drivers they provide you.

Don't know how I made music without it. Might purchase interface to take full advantage of the cards potential. If you're a professional with a budget, this is the sound card for you.

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