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M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96
M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96

Thread Audiophile 2496 - skype/multipl. doesn't work

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1 Audiophile 2496 - skype/multipl. doesn't work
Hi all
Hope you can help me.

I have a Audiophile Firewire 2496 soundcard which I use for music production. I've used it for a while and know it pretty well. When I record I aim for peaks at -3 to -5 db.
I have a preamp which brings my mic input to line level before entering the soundcard.

I have not installed drivers for the onboard ac30 soundcard. The default mixer is changed because of Audiophile or lack of Soundblaster drivers, don't know, and have no recording controls at all.

1:Using Skybe I receive sound fine but those on the other end only hear me very low or high and very distorted, presumeably from my volume set too high.

2:Before trying Skype I have experienced the same problem with a few multiplayer speech progs.

3:Oddly, when I "test audio hardware" in the XP control panel sound devices I get this:
First windows runs an unspecified test, it progresses fine.
Then two meters appear, one for input (mic), one for output. Now, the problem is: I have to physically tap the microphone or speak very loud to peak the meter. However, the meter doesn't even register any sound without abusing the mic and the speakers.
It feels a bit like having a noise gate (low volumes are cut) set too high.

Help would be much appreciated.

da pal

My comp is p4, with via chips, in some cases with sound probs I've come to blame them, after reading forum posts, don't know for sure.