M-Audio Delta 1010LT
M-Audio Delta 1010LT

Delta 1010LT, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from M-Audio in the Delta series.

Kelo Sielmeth 09/25/2010

M-Audio Delta 1010LT : Kelo Sielmeth's user review

«  Good sound card latency »

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What motivated me to buy this sound card was its price and quality, number of inputs and outputs, and its "zero latency".

I wanted a home studio soundcard professional enough for a minimal price, I record all sorts of instruments and also by noon.

My setup is as follows:
CPU: Intel Pentium III Xeon 3.16GHz x2 Core Duo (E8500)
CM: Asus P5Q-PRO
CG: GeForce GTS 250
HDD: 2x Western Digital 1TB S-ATA2 + 1x Western Digital 500GB S-ATA2
I use an input mixer JB SYSTEM MM10, so I only only 2 audio inputs on the 10.

I use this sound card under Windows XP (it does not work on Windows Seven because drivers are not compatible!). It seems that it is compatible with Linux but I could not make it work.

I use it for recording guitar, studio microphone, bass, flutes, percussion, and noon (keyboards, electric heater).


The drivers are relatively stable, at least I have had no problems on that side was made from a volume control that requires a crappy external volume controller (I use a mixing desk Behringer XENYX to 40 €).
Please note, the volume control of windows do not work with the Delta.

At the beginning I was using Cubase SX, then I switched to Cubase Studio 4, and finally now I use the wonderful Cubase 5, 100% compatible with the Delta. With Cubase, I use a variety of software packages (GuitarRig, Wizooverb, Akoustik Piano, Pianoteq, Independense Free, FM8, etc. ...

On Cubase 5, I did not encounter track boundaries and I could easily record a midi track ten and twenty simultaneous audio track without it's slow.

And finally, the best: LATENCY:
I get a really exceptional latency: 2177 ms input, output and 2132 ms (all standard sampling frequency: 44100Hz). Both playing on a MIDI keyboard or guitar / mic, it's wonderful, no detectable latency, incomparable with external sound cards first prizes. (Minimum latency for this, thank you the ASIO driver that is specifically compatible with the Delta !!!!)


Installing the PCI card has performed without problems for drivers when it has been more or less, it took me a few weeks to take over all the drivers and configure all features.
For inputs and outputs,

Incompatibility I have encountered are: Linux and Windows Seven, nothing else.

As I said, configuring the sound card is very long and relatively complicated if one does not know it, most of the manual is in English, and anyway I do not need, in One can quibble we understand. I was scared at first for its system of jumpers on the sound card to amplify the XLR (microphone) but finally I did not even use because I use the XLR inputs of my mixer.


I use it now for over 2 years and I am very happy for its latency and stability, but I regret the input and output formats (try plugging the speakers into a mini stereo jack or dual jack without use adapters on mono cinch, suddenly I was going through an amplifier into sound and then cinch to PA speakers)

Recess for a home studio it is better to use studio monitors and are usually in connection 2x XLR jack or 2X, this sound card is really a blight on the system because every time one passes through plug adapters you lose quality.

What I like most about this sound card is its latency of 2 ms and power (it is also cumulative, if you buy 2 you can connect them)
What I like least is its RCA inputs (for a guitar or other instrument jack, it will go through a mixer or an adapter), RCA outputs and even more if you want a external volume control (because the internal is useless) then you must go through a mini mixer.

Before buying it I tried some internal sound cards and I got higher latencies ...

I judge the value for money 9 / 10 (why not 10? A question formats input / output RCA (they should have put input and output jack also) and that because of their virtual volume controller crappy and only 1 input 1 output noon and afternoon)

With experience, I think I made an internal sound card with an external interface (like the Delta 1010), but now I am thinking of buying a USB external sound card for input / output and a range of settings hand, but latency is high + ...