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Yamaha PSR-E233
Yamaha PSR-E233

Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha belonging to the PSR series.

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PaulyPaul PaulyPaul

« Beginners Only »

Publié le 10/17/12 à 23:26
The Yamaha PSR-E233 is a 61 keyboard and it has some effects and speakers on the unit. It is very low priced which doesn’t mean that it is cheap but it's not something that you want to make music with. It is a perfect keyboard to practice songs on or to come up with ideas. It is the perfect keyboard for a beginner or someone who just wants a keyboard that they can play with then tuck it away in a closet and not worry about getting it damaged.


The sounds on the PSR-E233 are not very fat and most of them could never be used in any of my music. But what do you expect to get for a 99 dollar keyboard. The speakers on this unit are pretty good though despite the presets sounding thin. The speakers have a wide sound that carries pretty well for them to be on this keyboard. There are 100 accompaniment styles and over 100 songs on the PSR-E233. The reverb effects are pretty good too.


The coolest feature of the PSR-E233 is that it has a “Portable Grand Button”, which is the ability to push a button and get a very good concert grand immediately without having to add any effects because it takes care of it for you. When you purchase this keyboard it will come with a music stand but it doesn’t come with a keyboard stand. So you will need to purchase one, I just purchased a cheap one for 19 dollars on eBay. It also does not come with a footswitch (if you need one). There are 9 effects, and 674 total presets. It can be used as a MIDI controller if you want to. This unit does come with a power adapter but you can also use a battery (AA) to run this keyboard. This is the perfect keyboard for a beginner or someone who is younger and wants to learn some songs. But the keys don’t have a nice feel to them, you will need to invest more to get a better keyboard without a question!