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Yamaha PSR-E233
Yamaha PSR-E233

Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha belonging to the PSR series.

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mrjason mrjason

« Not touch sensitive »

Publié le 10/30/12 à 22:25
The PSR-E233 is a very basic but very portable keyboard. This was the first keyboard that I had purchased just to have it around the house so I could practice on. It does only cost $100 but it didn’t come with a stand, so I had to purchase one of those as well which was 29.99. All of the presets that come with the PSR-E233 are pretty basic, I really didn’t expect to get good sounding instruments for this price. I just wanted a portable keyboard that I could learn with at home. Nothing on the PSR-E233 is touch sensitive, that brought about some issues with me because for a beginner and learning to play the keys is a long process. You almost have to have touch sensitive keys if you are learning to play. If you don’t have touch sensitive keys you will be learning the long way and won’t know how to play with expressiveness once you get the chance to play on a real piano.


There is no set up process involved, just plug it in pick a patch and start playing. The speakers on the PSR-E233 are not very good either. They sounded really bad, and when you turn them up all the way they sound awful.


The PSR-E233 does have some effects on it, but they are nothing to brag about. A plus is that it does have over a hundred built in songs that you can play along with or play along with the accompaniment styles. It is a great keyboard to learn on to an extent. If they keys where touch sensitive then I would say this is a perfect beginners keyboard. But without the touch sensitive keys, it is nothing more than a toy. I do not recommend purchasing this keyboard unless you absolutely have no more money to spend.