pitore 07/05/2008

AKG C 214 : pitore's user review


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Large membrane micro (1 ") condenser (bottom of C414 XLS).
Cardioid directivity only - attnuateur - 20 dB low pass filter 160 Hz
Comes with a foam windscreen and suspension, all in a briefcase.

Most: quality of manufacturing: it's not fake, it is supposed that the frquence cutoff low pass filter seems a bit high.

The least: no curve rponse individual micro economy requires. If you want to quibble there an error in the manual position as prconisent hypercardioid for making low-cons.

Well, I am convinced that it has just redesigned the hull of the C414 to accommodate only a single membrane instead of two. Copy / paste the circuits (the Espree I) and the doc a few marquetting and voila.


I use it for a few hours of voice, singing and percussions. Even with a rotten pramp all (ie that of my sound card), the acoustic guitar sounds full and round without being dull and flat. deadly! It was not a net but its a river. As against what I was afraid it just in April. The hump he can become acute in the voice of teachers or at least does not facilitate the placement of the microphone. That said it's because dtail lgre correction is more than enough, and the School for t at all analogue treatment before recording does not scare me.
If not for percussion (Oudou) is good.

This mic is sensitive and fairly neutral trs (despite its non-linear curve rponse). We do not feel like talking in a cardboard box like some rodes. I had used for a long time electrets small membrane (rode, shure) and dynamic microphones of all kinds. But I'm the one notch above. I could compare the average membrane ending for octava.

Well I wanted a C414 for a long time because of all the costs and the thing I could have, I felt a more broader and broader. This is what I have and I am very happy. In addition, there appears be used on many sources. I would tell you when I have the brass in the ear or when I test the guitar amp. Oh yes I did a little test of percu clapping: gnial. Good for this kind of sound I do not know if it is really Fidler trs but the rendering is good.

I could not take the big ERRF because I need a prampli (Focusrite green or solo 110). Well I will give more prcission when all this will be final and when I have more exprience with this mic.

If you need a microphone for voice only, I do not know if this is the best choice. on the other hand for some while having a good trs pte go to work!
For home studio: Watch out your acoustic treatment (trs mic sensitivity)?