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AKG Perception 100
AKG Perception 100

Large diaphragm condenser microphone from AKG belonging to the Perception series.

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victormelamade victormelamade
Publié le 10/25/08 à 16:25
The AKG perception series is their line of condenser mics that start out as cheap mics for the budget minded, but the higher end ones are a bit nicer and can hold their own in terms of their sound. This is the first one in the line and cheapest. They have actually updated the mic and it is now the Perception 120. It is a cardioid condenser microphone that has a large diaphragm. You can't change the cardioid pattern on this which definitely limits how useful the mic can be in your studio, especially when you consider that there are a lot of cheap mics out there that have more features such as the switchable pattern. The mic does include a 20 dB pad though, which can definitely come in handy if your signal is peaking before it hits your DAW. The mic needs phantom power since it's a condenser mic and connects with an XLR cable, so this mic might be a bit more than the average podcaster can handle, but sonically it might not be up to spec for the recordist who is getting into music engineering. The mic doesn't come with a shock mount either, which is too bad because some other mics in this price range do. The mic is built pretty solidly, it seems like it could take a beating and keep on working just fine. AKG is definitely known for sturdy mics.


This is one of the mics I used to have when I was getting into recording. I upgraded after a short while, but this mic definitely worked for me while I had it. The price is obviously what's going to get people interested in this mic as one of the cheapest condenser mics out there that is being made by a reputable company. Unfortunately the lack of additional features and the fact that the mic does not have a very smooth or detailed sound will keep this mic out of the good studios and hands of experienced engineers. I wouldn't get it again but it's a pretty good beginner microphone.
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