RaphyColmar 08/24/2004

AKG C 3000 : RaphyColmar's user review


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Condenser microphone for voice and instruments (mixed, but instead got my vote)


I use it for almost 10 years.
What I like most is the sound rather crystalline (sharp right) and some depth in the bass. I did catch battery in overhead or in a church choir with a couple of C3000 and I can say that has the same sounds really gnial. For voice, either 5 cm or 70 cm, the return is really impcable (the color of the sound changes very empty, but there is always present) Ct sound pressure, it really cash even though pressure.

What I like least is that we quickly put it upside down (towards the rear cap) if not used because there is no evidence of any c t is the dish (I have several friends that it happened in this case it is the great early reflections! (which can be INTERESTED in certain situations)

APRS trying several DIFFERENT MODELS (even more than 3x more expensive the era), I fell in love with this mic because it gave me exactly what I expected. Not just one capsule for my voice, but a microphone capable of reproducing almost all sources. For my part, I find that the ratio quality / price is really INTERESTED trs.

I think I would do the same choice (despite the armada of microphones offers these last years)