JimboSpins 01/22/2013

Audio-Technica AT2020 : JimboSpins's user review

« Good sound and a low price »

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The AT2020 by Audio technical is a very popular microphone now mainly because of the quality you will get for the price. That was the sole reason that I purchased it, I have heard it many times before I got it and read some really good reviews on it so I gave it a shot. I really like the way it sounded on my vocals and on some acoustic guitar recordings. The only issue was some voice types didn’t sound too well with it. There is another singer that I work closely with and he used it, it did not sound good on his voice so we didn’t even bother with EQ’ing or anything we just used a different microphone. I was not that disappointed at that because of the price. For this price, you cannot expect it to sound great with every voice and instrument.


This microphone is perfect for someone who records on the go or mainly from home. It works great in open spaces and does a good job of not picking up background noise when recording. I have used it for some small demo work in public places if I need to record a quick idea or even a voice over. It sounds good no matter where you use it at. Sometimes it does record a lot of “air” though; it will feel like there is a lot of space around your recording which I didn’t like too much. That had nothing to do with the background noise though.
This microphone comes with a cardioid pick up pattern so that is the reason for the minimal background noises. I was surprise that the AT2020 came with a stand too, it has a pivoting stand so you can move the mic around to the way you want it. But bottom line is, this microphone is not for a seasoned veteran when it comes to recording. It is for the small bedroom musician.