JimboSpins 12/07/2012

Audio-Technica AT2035 : JimboSpins's user review

« a must have »

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The AT2035 is a large condenser microphone with low noise. The qualities of the recordings you will get with this microphone are very natural and give you a “true” sound. It is a great microphone for vocals, guitar tracks and even drums (mainly a kick drum). This microphone is very versatile and sounds great in live and in studio recordings.


You can use this microphone in wide open spaces and not have to worry about external noise being picked up from other sound sources. This microphone is a great choice for someone who records at home and records from a few different instruments. The AT2035 has the perfect frequency range giving a thick and warm sound no matter what vocal tone your voice is. It does have a low frequency roll off switch with a standard 3 pin XLR connection.
After recording with this microphone you will not need to boost many frequencies, just maybe a little on the high end if you have a deeper voice. I have been using this microphone for over a year and I fell in love with it after just the first few uses. I was in search of a microphone that was not only affordable but that could record many different instruments and vocal types and also a microphone that I could use live for a few different sets. This microphone does not get much use live from me anymore, but I still use it at home to record sometimes. This microphone is affordable and works great, I have also used many of the other Audio Technica AT microphones and many of them are the same. Even the ones that cost more than the AT2035 like the AT2050; I do not feel like that microphone is better than the AT2035 and the AT2035 is cheaper and gives you a better quality recording.