MGR/AlexV 03/25/2010

Audio-Technica AT4033 : MGR/AlexV's user review

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The Audio-Technica 4033 is a large diaphragm cardiod condenser mic. I am a student, musician, writer, and pretty good line dancer residing in beautiful Nashville, TN. I've been a drummer and guitar player on and off for the past 10 years of my life and have began engineering and producing in the past 4. I currently play drums for the band Brookline and you can see me rockin' an Orange County Drum and Percussion or Mapex kit decked out with Zildjian K Hybrids.

I bought a pair of these mics a few years back for right around $400 a piece from Sweetwater. I was wanting to expand my mic catalog at home and have a good stereo pair of large-diaphragm condensers

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The 4033 sounds great on just about anything. I use this at home on my acoustic guitar all the time and bring it to any studio I know I'll be tracking guitar at. I have done many 'blind' mic shootouts with this mic in line with others such as the U87, 147, 414, and even a 49 and this came up on top!

This mic is tough! It has been banged and bruised over the past few years and still sounds great and never suffered any damage. It is one of the only large-diaphragms that actually comes with a solid shock mount!

Bottom Line? Whether your tracking in your living room or on Music Row with the big dogs, this mic is a must have! It sounds incredible and stands up next to mics over 5 times it's price!

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