lolo57 10/07/2004

Audio-Technica AT4033 : lolo57's user review


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Micro Audio Technica AT 4033


I use the microwave for 3 years or so, I could compare it to a direct Manir cu41 SANKEN worth all of the same 3000euros, a well-U87 sr, and many other of the microphones genre.
I must say that this micro m'pate, it is versatile, easy to work and put a hand to the sharp correction, I have never heard the final mix the diffrence between this small AT4033 nothing at all, plus microphones and other deficits.
I speak particularly well voice recording sr. When I plug the same "thing" in AVALON vt737sp what I think (and even sr) is important. However, I ct a, a envoice of mindprint and your exact trs is good. Although sr correction and compression are not of the same ilk ..... but hey, the price is not the m ^ me either.
It is a micro price indisputable quality report