Behringer B-2 Pro
Behringer B-2 Pro
donalfonsocosi 04/02/2014

Behringer B-2 Pro : donalfonsocosi's user review

«  Perfect for voice »

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Vocal mic large diaphragm condenser


I use it for 11 years now. Initially for lyrical singing and 5 years for the voiceover.

I like different microphones Rode in or Audiotechnica.

Now that it has become my reference microphone for voice-overs, what I like is that it is very linear over the entire spectrum. No grain, no heat provided by a Neumann-type lamp, but with the advantage that we do what we want her master. It is a little less sensitive than eg Rode NT1A, but the voice just what is excellent, because the useful signal is recovered with less noise or mouth breath. A good gate to -50 db mixing and your client receives an audio file without any noise interference.

If I rest solely on the voice application, the value is unbeatable. I for customers the biggest clubs in the world (Nestle, Samsung, Times Warner ...) and all were impressed by the quality of the sound (to cabin voice, of course). When I started this business I thought that if I became rich and famous I'll pay a U87, but with experience, I think for the price differential would be a waste. The U87 will be reserved for the beautiful music.