Behringer B-2 Pro
Behringer B-2 Pro
HomestudisteRap 09/20/2009

Behringer B-2 Pro : HomestudisteRap's user review


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The B-2 PRO is a micro electrostatic capacitor has double diaphragm studio
Switchable low-cut filter.
Switchable -10dB pad
Output Connector 3-pin XLR
Microphone for sound recording mixed but mainly for voice


Frankly if you do not need the preamp behind and if you want to catch voice rap, make your way this mic is not for you, I personally have coupled with a pre presonus tube (with high quality lamp change) and the result was terrible, a real galley to the mix, this mic really lacks fullness, upper medium is super uncomfortable, even my samson c01 had better sound I find (for rap I precise), now I own a micro prodipe stc-3d and it's much better, I do not tell you that it is the height, but what a difference with the pro b2, + warmth and roundness suddenly we galere much less to the mix ... If I did catch sounds on an acoustic guitar with the pro b2 and the result was not bad at all ... in summary jvous recommend it for the sweet song and decision guitar sounds.