Behringer B-2 Pro
Behringer B-2 Pro
mooseherman 11/28/2010

Behringer B-2 Pro : mooseherman's user review

« Unnaturally good microphone for less than 200 dollars »

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This is a studio condenser microphone. It is large diaphragm. This microphone probably wouldn't work well outside of a studio environment, but seeing as it's really cheap, it wouldn't be a horrible idea to experiment with it outside. I still woudn't use it in a live environment though, as it has few, if any, applications. The microphone has a -10 db pad as part of its features. It also has three different pickup patterns, normal, figure 8, and omnidirectional. It is almost like a cheaper version of a U87. It comes with a shock mount and clip, as well as a pop screen which is egg-shaped. The mic, as a condenser, requires phantom power to operate.


I was surprised to find that this mic is as good as it is, as the quality of Behringer products in general is often described harshly and negatively. This mic does work quite like a U87 does. I like to use it on acoustic guitars, vocals (especially spoken word, or rap). I've had it work decently on a piano too, but not a superb sound. When running them both through a high quality API mic pre, like I did at the studio I work for, the U87 beats it hands down, which is to be expected. However, at home on my Digi 002, and when recording a part that doesn't require a crystal clear signal, it's still worse, but not drastically so. Therefore, I'd have to say that I can really only recommend this microphone to home studio users. I haven't heard much about how durable it is, but I haven't had any issues with it breaking. I'm almost expecting it to, given Behringer's reputation, but so far it seems sturdy enough. I would certainly say that there are better mics out there, but none that are even remotely as cheap as this one.