Behringer B-2 Pro
Behringer B-2 Pro
dav_boisv 05/04/2005

Behringer B-2 Pro : dav_boisv's user review


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Use for Male Voice


I used it for a month but I have sent home seller ... Breath standard quality in the mids too ax, no asser low, trs sound cold no less heat gain to push the bottom which cre against a monstrous blast I must say that its look, finish, three directivity the low pass filter, the attnuateur-10db, support and my case really impressed! I WOULD LIKE PRSICER that I have nothing against BEHRINGER, by the way I use a behringer compressor that I love but the B2-Pro frankly I do not have AIM at all ... It's a nice mic but it must sound good too! I want to thank MUSIC DANIEL TOC for lending me two other micro electro static prciser my doubt ... The M-Audio Luna and MXL-990. Go see my review for more information ... Thank you!

The B2-Pro is good for someone who wants a three-way microphone for cheap (making room, etc.. Note that it is mainly for this reason it picks up everything. Cardo by Mrs. j 'I feel that the two diaphragms taient in action! Possible ... This is also the the usefulness!). For the home studio is a simple diaphragm cardo surment more appropriate as to the spices are often not treated!


+ Finish
+ Shockmount
+ Case