Behringer B-2 Pro
Behringer B-2 Pro
choreo 03/09/2005

Behringer B-2 Pro : choreo's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
This is a micro B2 Pro that I use for decision-vocals sound essentially. It can be used for instruments like acoustic guitars, cello, lead to beat ... where he met many are rle trs.
It is a large diagram condenser microphone that works either cardioid and omni evening - 10db (3 position switch).
It also possde another switch 3 positions (low cut, rponse flat, cut up).
I use a console with Yamaha MX400-24 that excellent pre-amps (nothing to do with the MX with a small sound for).


I was 2, and 1 1 B2 B2 Pro. I use them for 3 years and I am delighted. I wanted to change and I have a Rode NT1000 compartment. I did some testing at the Studio. Well your exact is surprising. The B2 is suprieur the Rode a cot while his flat and featureless rglage no switch and no-10db. So I thought he cashed more than the B2 (for the diffrence in price) and very surprised! not at all! It saturates at the same location as the B2, except that the B2-10db you put it (direct micro switch) and has no source Audible saturation (saturation that can not remove the console).
I want to buy a AudioTechnica to broaden my palette of micro large diagram but I fear your exact! I think that is Neumam suprieur but APRS is a matter of budget.
I learned one thing, it is necessary to make gafe prjugs and clbrit marks, because what good silent 10 years ago did today. And YES the big brand no longer the monopoly of "qualitquot;.
Excellent quality price!