Blue Microphones Bluebird
victormelamade 10/29/2008

Blue Microphones Bluebird : victormelamade's user review


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I will first say that this microphone is one of the best values for any piece of recording equipment under $500 you can buy. This mic based purely on its sound could easily sell for $1,000 and people would be happy with what they hear based on how much they paid. So this mic is a really great value. It is a large diaphragm condenser mic hand-made by Blue with all class A circuitry. It comes in a very nice package with a cherry wood storage box with a felt lining inside. They also provide you with a pop filter and a shock mount specifically designed for this microphone. You get all that for less than $300, it's crazy. The mic itself sounds very good. The mid range is very defined and clear and its well balanced with the bass and low-mids which tend to come through mud free. The highs are quite smooth, although this is the one area where this mic does show its price range. If you have a very high frequency heavy instrument, when pushed too hard this mic can sound a little fatiguing. The pickup pattern is a cardioid which is not switchable. There isn't a pad or low cut filter on this mic, which are minor flaws. Overall though it sounds very good and that isn't really an issue.


I bought this mic a while ago, it was my first Blue mic of many. The Bluebird is a very solid mic that comes with outstanding value. The mic is very well built, you can tell there's a very high level of craftsmanship when you hold it. It also looks very cool and unique which is a plus to have in the studio. I would definitely get this one again if something happened to mine.