Blue Microphones Bottle

Bottle, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from Blue Microphones in the Bottle series.

moosers 10/04/2009

Blue Microphones Bottle : moosers's user review


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The Blue Microphones Bottle is a tube condenser microphone designed for use in the studio.  This is quite an expensive microphone and is also delicate, so use outside of the studio in any application should not be happening.  It has an interchangeable capsule with different pick up patterns and for different uses. Not much more to say about the make up of this mic except that it will come with a case and a power supply.


I've been using the Blue Microphones Bottle for about a year or so and it is probably the best microphone that Blue has to offer, which is saying a lot because they really do have a great line of microphones.  The sound is incredibly warm and full and is great for a variety of applications, but especially for vocals of all kinds.  I've really only used the microphone for vocals, although I'm sure that it will work fine for just about any application that you would want an extreme amount of detail and warmth in your sound like acoustic piano and guitar and other acoustic instruments.  While this is an incredible sounding microphone, it definitely has the price tag of an incredible mic as this is no where near cheap.  For this reason the mic is best suited for professional studios and engineers who can afford a mic like this one.  While I would encourage those interested in a top of the line tube condenser microphone to shop around a bit, the Bottle should definitely be in the conversation as should a variety of Neumann mics and other top brands.  Even if you can't afford this, as an engineer if you can get your hands on one to try it out I know you'll have a good time with it and will be able to appreciate it as a top end mic.