Neumann TLM 49
Neumann TLM 49
fabrice.fargues 11/01/2009

Neumann TLM 49 : fabrice.fargues's user review


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Cardio, specially in the voice ....
Indniable quality manufacturing ...
Be careful, he does not like "strong dmoniaque, 110dB SPL eligible to del a twist .....


TLM in the range, and it is an opinion that is only my opinion, is THE specialist in voice. I just try it, and I'll break my piggy bank ...
Dfine is hot as always with Neumann ... I do not think it is usable in other situations, but you never know, why not test it on other sources that the voice ... Sitt book I make an update of that opinion ...
The sound is "large" deep, it has a medium low trs warm, surprisingly without a lamp, and the high end is still Carved without being aggressive, all common CHARACTERISTICS large capsule mics that I 'I was able to test in the German manufacturer. Even when it's not an M149, but it is not far from the voice. Choosing a good pramp will be crucial, because this micro MRIT to be developed.
Since the takeover by Sennheiser Neumann, prices for the TLM SERIES almost digested, the company in the world of excellence is "affordable", but has a nice even when chque complete: 1400 specially for micro voice in the decision, you still get the same ... But the sound is l. ..

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On other sound sources, the range is close to the human voice, it makes a remarkable job, but making "semi-proximity", the micro needs air ... I have a well liked tnor sax, cello .... Like what, you always try ... Trs good microphone, his trs prcis with a supper of "vintage" ... On a Fearn VT2 is beautiful ... A smart purchase for those who can not afford the M149, jewel ultimate range Neumann ....